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Mediation is voluntary, informal, and can be considered a problem-solving process that parties can use either with or without attorneys, aided by a trained mediator (a neutral facilitator skilled in conflict resolution). Mediation is also a confidential process. Communications in a mediation are confidential except where disclosures are required by law. Depending on the parties’ wishes, they can be in the same room, or in separate rooms, called caucusing. Kimberly D. Reed is is skilled in conflict resolution, and can guide you through the mediation process.

Mediator’s Role

The mediator helps the parties discuss the issues that are important to the parties, and assist in facilitating a settlement between them. When the parties reach a settlement, the mediator can also draft their Settlement Agreement. Mediation is an opportunity to reach a specific outcome that you can live with, rather than rolling the dice with the Court making all of the decisions.

Let Us Guide You Through The Mediation Process

The lawyers at Reed Law in Panama City can mediate your legal issues surrounding your divorce. To contact us, please call 850-250-4260 or contact us online. With the new popularity of using Zoom, our attorneys are now able to assist parties throughout the State of Florida.